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Ultimate Selfcare Kit - Spring Edition - HOLISTICK

Ultimate Selfcare Kit

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Beauty From Paradise

Inspired by Island Life - Rooted in Culture

Intentional, multi-purpose and good-for-you products. At Holistick, we use simple and luxurious plant-based ingredients to transport you to your vacation self.

Slow it down and start a new routine that you’ll actually enjoy doing.

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The 5-minute

gua sha

Glowing, nourished skin pairs best with a Gua Sha routine. Sculpt and depuff with quick and simple Gua Sha movements everyday. Find out why this 4-sided jade Gua Sha is so multi-purpose and one of the best designs on the market.

It's a workout for your face!

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We use high-quality, high-performing ingredients that you can trust to help you achieve softer, healthier and more radiant skin naturally.

Bulan & Matahari are our best-selling facial oils and personal holy grail products. Here are 5 reasons why you need try them.

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Holistick products are thoughtfully curated using consciously sourced ingredients with sustainability in mind.

We are committed to working directly with farms, artisans and reputable suppliers from around the world to create mindful products.

1% of each sale is donated to environmental initiatives to help protect and preserve our rainforests and oceans.

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