Bulan & Matahari Duo

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Want to try both Bulan & Matahari? This facial oil duo set is for you!

Bulan [moon] is one of our best sellers. It balances, moisturizes, and deeply nourishes your skin. It features Moroccan blue tansy which is a skincare obsession. Bulan is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and does an amazing job at protecting the skin. Try it as the last step in your skincare routine for seriously smooth skin!

Matahari [sun] features some of the most premium plant-based oils in nature. It contains organic prickly pear, helichrysum/immortelle, rosehip, sea buckthorn, maracuja/passionfruit seed and more. The ingredients in this facial oil helps to promote cell regeneration, even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Start your day with Matahari for a natural, radiant and make-up less glow.

Upgrade your skincare routine with this exclusive Facial Oil Duo Set today. Take a closer look at our ingredients list as you will not find better value for the ingredients used!

  • Potent, plant-based botanicals
  • Nutritionist and aesthetician formulated
  • 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free
  • Made in Canada

Bulan Ingredients + Benefits

Matahari Ingredients + Benefits

Customer Reviews

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Emmy Suparmin Slimane
Bulan & Matahari Duo

I have been using Matahari for almost a year, and it has been fantastic on my skin. It balances my skin so I never have too dry skin or too oily skin. In the past, I either had too dry skin, or too oily.
I use Bulan at night, I love the smell, and the natural colour (blue), and I woke up with moist and soft skin.
Using both of these products that have all-natural ingredients made me feel good inside out, and outside in :)
I will keep using these Bulan & Matahari for sure.

Bulan &Matahari Duo

Is amazing , my skin is so new and beautiful

Erni Juniati
Lovely Bulan & Matahari Duo

I love these 2 face oils, beautiful scent, sink well to my skin. Great t products! My mature skin feels so soft.


I am no stranger to using face oils, but after using holistick oils for a week I notice a stark difference. The whiteheads on my nose are no more. I have enlarged pores and they appear visibly clear and unclogged after using these oils. Smell beautiful, sink into the skin so well. Consider me a repeat customer.

Yoshimi Gomez
Beautiful oils!

I’ve been using these oils for few days, and I’m loving them so far. Not only they are beautiful to look at but they feel amazing on my skin! I’ve been using oils as moisturizers for years, but many of them just sit on top and feels greasy. I was amazed by how my skin absorbs these oils and really nourish it. I’m excited to continue using them and see the result on my skin!

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