Bulan & Matahari Facial Oil Duo

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Want to try both Bulan & Matahari Facial Oils? This facial oil duo set is for you!

Bulan [moon] is one of our best sellers. It balances, moisturizes, and deeply nourishes your skin. It features Moroccan blue tansy which is a skincare obsession. Bulan is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and does an amazing job at protecting the skin. This rich formulation is perfect for all skin types and will keep your skin healthy and supple. Try it as the last step in your skincare routine for seriously smooth skin!

Matahari [sun] features some of the most premium plant-based oils in nature. It contains organic prickly pear, helichrysum/immortelle, rosehip, sea buckthorn, maracuja/passionfruit seed and more! This formulation contains natural anti-aging properties to keep your skin youthful. The ingredients help to promote cell regeneration, even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Start your day with Matahari for a natural, radiant and make-up less glow!

Upgrade your skincare routine with this exclusive Facial Oil Duo Set today. Take a closer look at our ingredients list as you will not find better value for the ingredients used.

  • Potent, plant-based botanicals
  • Nutritionist and aesthetician formulated
  • 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free
  • Made in Canada

Bulan Ingredients + Benefits

Matahari Ingredients + Benefits

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Customer Reviews

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R Schultz
I am a professional Gua Sha therapist and I love these products

I use the oils and the tools in my practice on many different skin types and they work beautifully for everyone and do not cause breakouts - just a lovely Gua Sha glow. Wonderful company to work with - the products are high quality and wonderful to work with!

Lauren M
Glowing skin

This stuff has changed the texture of my skin drastically. I use Bulan at night, even on my lips, and matahari in the day. I gua sha with both when I have time. My skin literally glows. I don’t wear any foundation anymore.

Daphne Stolmeier
It's amazing!

I bought both oils and the gua sha. The blue oil is great in the morning and the Jasmine scented oil is wonderful both day and night even on my hair! If you like collecting and trying different gua sha tools (like I do), it's a great tool to use because it's light and it's got almost everything in it. I can't wait to try the perfumes. And thank you so much for the samples, it was a really wonderful surprise!

Christine Ritter
So luxurious ❤️

These oils are amazing! Especially the Bulan. It's so silky and both oils make your skin just glow 🙌

Danielle Dutcher
Best oils ever!!

I love these oils so much! I’ve been using them consistently for about a couple of years now and I can’t imagine these not in my skincare regimen. I love using Matahari when I do my facial cupping and massage!

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