Infused with good-for-you ingredients from all the exotic places on Earth.

Natural to us means: from nature. We use essential oils, absolutes, plant, flower and fruit extracted ingredients. We never use perfumes, fragrances or harsh, unnecessary ingredients. 

Nature heals. What our skin and bodies need to thrive can be found in Mother Nature. Our philosophy is that if we won't use it personally, we won't put it in our products either.

jasmine, champaka, frangipani, tangerine, lotus, patchouli, sweet orange, pomegranate, camellia, sea buckthorn, aloe vera, jojoba, honeysuckle, green tea, ECO-CERT coconut (palm-oil free) 

helichrysum, apricot, rosehip

prickly pear, blue tansy

South America:
passionfruit, grapefruit

North America: