Holistick Gua Sha Tool


Based on Chinese and Indonesian rituals, the art of scraping has been a tradition for centuries! Pair your Holistick Gua Sha with Bulan & Matahari Facial Oils to elevate your self-care game and achieve sculpted, glowing skin. Our unique Gua Sha shape is a multi-purpose skincare tool where you can utilize all 4 sides of the jade stone.

What it does:

  • Long side: sculpt and define the natural curves of your face, promote lymphatic drainage, de-puff and reduce excess fluid build-up
  • Heart-shaped side: contour and lift the face, massage and soften fine lines and wrinkles, relieve facial tension
  • Pointy side: apply acupressure to release tightness, relax facial muscles, stimulate pressure points
  • Teeth side: promote blood circulation for glowing skin, massage forehead and scalp area, increase blood flow for plump, youthful skin

Simply use the Gua Sha with a few drops of our facial oils to smoothly glide it along the curves of your face/body. Listen to your body and do the motions that feel good to you. We always recommend using it with our Bulan or Matahari facial oil for best results.

The Holistick Gua Sha is one of our best-sellers. Shop now before it sells out, again.

Stone colours may vary due to the natural variations in the Jade stone.

Customer Reviews

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Danielle Stefanics

Love Love Love the Gua Sha Tool, worked from the first time I used it!!

Marie Cummings
Lovely shape and fantastic oils!

I ordered this stone after breaking 3 from another company (from only slightly tapping them on the counter!). Still getting used to the new shape, but I love the tapered end for massaging my jaw. The oils are divine. Blend like butter and absorb just enough to get pull from the tool.

Rachel Green
Love it!

I looked at multiple options for Gua Sha and purchased this one. It fits comfortably in the hand and easily moves for use of the different sides. I have only been using for one week now but I look forward to it as I find it relaxing. I also notice a small change in my facial appearance with a thinner more toned appearance. I love that it comes with its own pouch and Holistick sent me a sample of their Bulan oil. I have very sensitive skin and I love getting samples to try before I would buy. So far no reaction from the oil and it works well with the gua sha tool.

Evangelina Taylor
This is my favorite Gua Sha

Love how this contours to your face. I’d say it’s one of the best Gua Sha stones I’ve used

Jamie G

Holistick Gua Sha Tool

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