Good gift-giving is always in style. Even if it’s for yourself. 

This Gift Box includes:

1 Bali Bloom Bath Salt
1 Bulan Balancing Facial Oil
1 Botanical Perfume of your choice
Available scents: MELATI, CHAMPAI or TERATAI

Packaged in a signature pink HOLISTICK gift box.
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Customer Reviews

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I love my self care kit!

The packaging was very well done, opening my goody box the smell was amazing! From the bath salts to the jasmine incense it left my senses tingling in excitement. Tried the gua shua and the mini sample of the anti aging serum and my skin loves it. My face is naturally oily but when I put this on, my skin absorbed it like drinking water leaving my face and neck moisturized and no oily leftover. The gua sha is a massage to my face, noticed immediately the puffiness and inflammation in my face had been removed and at the end of each day I use it I see more and more benefits. My face feels relaxed not walking around with tension and stress. Can’t wait to open the rest of my products and use them but a well satisfied customer.

Logan Bartha

I’m a dedicated bulan/matahari customer, the oils are top quality and you’ll notice glowy skin once you start using them! This was a fun way to restock my oil while also trying some new products! I love the bath salts and the incense smells divine, I also was surprised that I adore the hair clip bc I almost never wear clips or accessories in my hair, but I’ve worn it everyday so far :) oh and I can’t forget the guasha, best Gua sha tool I’ve ever seen/used, I’ve notice tremendous difference in my face once I started using the holistick Gua sha compared to my Amazon/winners ones! Well done ladies I loved this box

So stunning & absolutely exceptional customer service!

After searching for something perfect for my friend's birthday present, I was a bit crunched for time and luckily came across this. I left a note for the team explaining that I needed it as soon as possible, and they then HAND DELIVERED it to my home the NEXT DAY. I couldn't believe it. I still can't! I could get it to my friend on time because of this! The box and everything inside are so delicious, you'll love it. I'm going to get one for myself. Such great quality. Thank you so much to the lovely team at Holistick! <3

sooo good <3

you will love it..it looks fancy and comes beautifully packaged! i luv it and am happy i splurged for myself and i hope you get it for yourself or for someone who’s going through a tough time and would like it too

Natasha Collazos
Sweet self love kit

I love every bit of this gift set. The oils feel amazing for the day and night & I love using my Gua Sha with them for some facial massage. The candle is the perfect warm scent for a calming space. My clips are beautiful and I’m so excited for my hair to grow longer to be held secured by them, especially when doing my facial morning and night routine.

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