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Java Claw Clips: Our hair clips originate from sheets of cellulose acetate derived from wood pulp. They are currently one of the most eco-friendly and highest quality hair clips on the market.

Cellulose acetate clips do not feel like plastic - they are soft, flexible and extremely durable. The teeth part of each claw clip is polished until smooth, it holds your hair comfortably all day long without damaging your hair. They're designed for slow fashion and to last with you for a long time.

Claw Clip Style: can be worn in a french twist or hair half-up hairstyle, depending on your hair length

Size: 10.2cm

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It looks cute and works well for my hair (medium length).

Leah Hoffos

You need to bring this one back the design is so cute 🥰
I have a different hair clip from you and so far I haven’t broke a claw on it which I always do in the first day or two

Loving it

Glad to see they carried this Samara Claw Clip, and purchased it to be pleasantly surprised that its a nice sturdy clip. Holds my thick hair well which I appreciate, as it also is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Also, just started the Bulan oil during my night-time routine, and loving it so far. Makes my tired skin looks well nourished in the morning, and seems like the flaws are fading out. Looking forward to the results as I continue to use this. Give these a try :)

Sarah T
I reached out for this clip again and again, that I just bought a second one!

Was in the market for a big-ish claw clip for my long, thin hair when I found this clip at a Holistick popup :) ! I kept reaching out for the one I purchased in ivory white that a month later, I bought another one in the tortoise shell style! I love the acetate used in these clips. They feel durable (think your well-made pair of eyeglasses made with acetate - they don't feel like cheap plastic at all) and can keep my hair up very well.

Alanna Guenther
Clips are lovely

They are really well made, super cute, and work great! Would buy again :D

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