New: Java Claw Clips


Java Claw Clips: Our hair clips originate from sheets of cellulose acetate derived from wood pulp. They are currently one of the most eco-friendly and highest quality hair clips on the market.

Cellulose acetate clips do not feel like plastic - they are soft, flexible and extremely durable. The teeth part of each claw clip is polished until smooth, it holds your hair comfortably all day long without damaging your hair. They're designed for slow fashion and to last with you for a long time.

Claw Clip Style: can be worn in a french twist or hair half-up hairstyle, depending on your hair length

Size: 10.2cm

Customer Reviews

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Alanna Guenther
Clips are lovely

They are really well made, super cute, and work great! Would buy again :D

Natika Hearn

NEW: 4-piece Mini Samara Claw Clips

Jess Alsadi
My Favorite Hair Clip

Love this clip i have fairly think hair and it holds it all, and all day long and doesnt hurt my head. the perfect hair clip 😍 This company is simply amazing all around cant go wrong with any product.

Alanna McArthur-Barnett
Four piece mini samara claw clips

Very cute!

Natalie Trejo
Beautiful and sturdy

I love the look and feel of these clips. My only complaint is that they are a little heavy and slip out of my hair when I use them to pull the front half of my hair back. If I use them to hold a bun then they work fine. I have medium hair meaning it’s not fine or too thick. It’s wavy/ slightly curly so it might just be my hair type. Over all I love the clips, I would just say it depends on what you want to use them for. ✨💕

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