Bali Bloom Bath Salts


13.2oz | 375g

Immerse yourself in an exotic mixture of Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan bath salts. Infused with Balinese floral oils, let each bottle of Bali Bloom Bath Salts will transport you to paradise. If you can’t go to Bali, we’ll bring Bali to you. 


Bali Bloom Bath salts are a simple yet powerful way to release negative toxins and elevate your body’s own vibration. The creamy, floral aromas of Bali Bloom Bath Salts will take your relaxation to the next level by soothing tired muscles, promoting healing and calming the mind and body. Close your eyes and let the flowers of Bali bring you to tranquillity.

How To Use

Add a cup of Bali Bloom Bath Salts to warm, running bath water.

Soak your body for at least 20 minutes. Allow the natural aromas and minerals to relax your body.

Not recommended for sensitive skin types.


Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Caprylic Triglycerides (Fractionated Coconut Oil), Jasminum officinale (Jasmine) oil, Plumeria alba (Frangipani) oil, Michelia champaca (Champaka) oil, Citrus bergamia (Bergamot) oil, Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit) oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Israa J
Relaxing and soothing bath mix

I really enjoyed the smell of this bath salt mix. I'm usually very sensitive to scents, but this one smelled so natural and yummy.

Ball Bloom Bath salts

They take you away to tropical places and leave your skin feeling amazing soft,fresh and new Arenda xx

Margot McIntyre
So Wonderful


Bath luxury

The scent is lovely, but after my soak I felt so relaxed! Big fan of this soak and I have tried many!

Paige Allen
Can’t Live Without!!!

BEST Bath Salt!

The gorgeous floral smell is irresistible and enticing. The minute I soak in the bath, my muscles melt and the stress of the day slips away. Nothing compares to the moisturizing Bali Bloom Bath Salts. Addictive!!!

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