Holistick gua sha tool in various coloursHolistick Gua Sha tool with pouch

Holistick Gua Sha Tool

Girl in white dress holding Holistick Matahari Youthful Facial oil. Bulan & Matahari is displayed on a book.Holistick Bulan and Matahari facial oil duo with packaging sitting on a white pedestal in natural lighting. 30 ml blue tansy oil for acne prone skin and orange oil for anti-aging, organic, all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free
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Bulan & Matahari Facial Oil Duo

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Girl in white dress burning Holistick incense in her living room.Holistick essential oil incense trio. jasmine champaka lotus incense. Includes 15 incense stick and 1 ceramic incense holder. infused in essential oils, no fragrance or synthetics. handcrafted, fair trade made in Bali.
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Bali Bloom bath salt in glass bottle. Himalayan and dead sea salt infused in essential oils.holistick bali bloom bath salts in glass bottle - all natural dead sea, pink himalayan essential oil non-toxic vacation bath soak.

Bali Bloom Bath Salts

Ultimate Selfcare Kit - Spring Edition - HOLISTICKUltimate Selfcare Kit - Spring Edition - HOLISTICK
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Ultimate Selfcare Kit - Spring Edition

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Ultimate Selfcare Kit - HOLISTICKUltimate Selfcare Kit - HOLISTICK
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Ultimate Selfcare Kit - Blume Edition

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