Mini Facial Oils Duo Set


Your favorite facial oils, but mini! Bulan - acne-safe, deeply nourishing facial oil and Matahari - anti-aging, youthful glow facial oil now come in adorable mini sizes. Want to try Holistick facial oils to see if it's the right fit for you? This Mini Duo Set comes with two 10ml facial oils so it's the perfect size for you to try.

Bulan contains 7 plant-based ingredients to help balance your skin and give you the "I woke up like this" glow. Matahari contains 8 premium plant-based ingredients to keep your skin youthful, dewy and naturally target fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Minis are also great for travelling (when we can!) so you don’t have to sacrifice skincare over room in your suitcase. It comes in a beautiful custom packaging with inserts for each individual bottle.

-Nutritionist and aesthetician formulated
-100% natural, plant-based, cruelty-free
-Made in Canada
-10ml x 2 bottles

Customer Reviews

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Both of these oils are amazing! They make my skin feel so radiant, soft, and beautiful! I've been looking for a natural and high quality oil. Highly recommend them both.

Game Changer!

Wow! I’ve been using the Matahari since Christmas and cannot believe how well it works. I was excited to see the minis available. I wanted to try the Bulan and I gave the other one to my daughter! Thank you❤️

Amazing !

I recently purchased this duo mini sized oil to test out and i can assure you that it did not disappoint. I have combo oil , acne prone skin and both of these oils have been amazing for my skin. Even though I'm im oily acne prone, it help norushie my skin and didn't clog my pores. It used both oils after a session of microneedling and it's been helping my skin heal and keep inflammation at bay :) Even oily skin girls can use this oil ( just use it in moderation/not to much ) !!! Also there isn't a heavy scent to these products, the scent it gives off gives me a sense of relaxation.

Can we also talk about the size of these products!! They are 10 ml each, but they will last you a while !! Plus the mini sizes are great for traveling of keeping it on your bag/purse .

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