Activities for Unplugged Day Off Social Media

Taking a social media detox is what we decided to do for this weekend. But sometimes, it is hard to decide what to do on an unplugged day. What are the options, where can we go? 

Here are 5 ideas to spend your unplugged day:

1. Declutter and happy-fy your home

There are many benefits to decluttering your space like reducing stress, anxiety and feelings of anxiousness. Have you ever tried starting a task at home only to be overwhelmed by your environment? Is it the laundry that’s piling up, kitchen clutter, the little knick knacks collecting around your house that you meant to put away months ago? We’ve all been there. Decluttering your home can often feel like you are also decluttering your mind. It allows your mind to wander and in the end, it can help to renew your focus on the tasks ahead.

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You’ve probably also heard of the methods from Japanese Organizing Consultant Marie Kondo. She has published her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing", which has revolutionized home organization.

According to Marie Kondo, there are two approaches to tidying your place. First, you have to put your hand on everything you own and see if it sparks joy within you. If it doesn't, this is a sign to get rid of it. Secondly, take all of the stuff that brings joy to you and place them somewhere accessible, visible, easy to grab and put it back. By doing this, Marie Kondo states that you will be able to reach your nirvana of housekeeping.

If you want to read more about this, download Ultimate Konmari Decluttering and Organizing Checklist here.


2. Bake Bread

So simple right? Baking and culinary in general has been found to have many therapeutic benefits.  Think of it as meditation for the mind and soul. Personally, when we take the time to look for recipes, gather all of the ingredients, read over the instructions a few times… it has already given our minds a break from our jobs, to-do lists, social media etc. When we dive into the process of weighing sugar and butter, whisking eggs, molding and pushing… we’re basically in a meditative state of mind. Negative thoughts start to go out the window and we look forward to what we’re about to create.

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Try your hand at baking our favourite no-knead sourdough bread this weekend.


3. Attend Online Meditation Groups

Ok so technically you’re still online… but you’re taking a much needed break from scrolling through Instagram, Tik Tok etc.

Invest in yourself - try attending online meditation groups on It is an amazing opportunity to learn and to connect with other people.

Have you heard of Transcendental Meditation? We've recently started to hear more about this style of meditation. It is a technique that involves silent and mental repetition of mantras. The goal is more about effortless relaxation rather than concentrated mind-clearing. This may be an easier way for you to get into the habit of practicing meditation.

You can also access online meditation classes from the following:

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4. Go to/Order from a new restaurant or cafe

Foodies - we all know how happy it feels to discover a new food spot or menu. Why not try a new place that you’ve never been to this weekend?

We may not be able to travel right now, but we can explore new places in the towns/cities that we live in. Here are a few cafes in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Canada to explore.


A Toronto staple. Inspired by cafes in Paris, Balzac’s not only has great coffee, but each location is designed to reflect the history of the location it is in. With sustainably sourced grounds and fresh baked goods, it’s easy to see why Torontonians love this spot.

Treat yourself to a world famous Le Gourmand chocolate chip cookie. Yes, it’s that good. Another European-inspired cafe in the heart of Downtown Toronto, you can brunch your heart out with fresh meals that don’t hurt the wallet. 


A cozy cafe filled with portraits painted by the father of the owner. Freshly baked pastries, authentic Turkish coffee and beautiful atmosphere

An Instagrammable place which serves smoothies, protein shakes, artisan pastries, sweets, and smoothie bowls made with advanced superfood toppings and custom blended phytonutrient powders.


The authentic addition to the Montreal coffee scene with charming decor and cozy vibes. Known for delicious Turkish coffee and classic Montreal bagel sandwiches. It’s the perfect place to hide from your socials and take in Montreal’s vibrant culture.

A cool juice bar with a variety of beverages rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Featuring local ingredients, this place is dedicated to having a low ecological footprint. Cleanse your body with healthy juices and know you’re helping the environment and a local business!


5. Play Online Board Games With Friends 

This can be totally nostalgic or you can discover new board games to play with your friends.

Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Monopoly 

  2. UNO

  3. Ticket To Ride

  4. Words with Friends

  5. Chess (Totally inspired by the The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix)

Even though we may not be able to see our friends and family in person right now, kicking their butts in a board game can be incredibly satisfying. 

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Bonus tip: Clean/organize your refrigerator

Ok yes this may seem like a daunting task… but it will be super rewarding in the end. There are many fridge organizer kits that you can purchase online and it can dramatically improve your kitchen function and aesthetic.

Check out Pinterest for some inspiration. Here are some of our refrigerator goals:

kitchen refrigerator organizer goals
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